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Getting your first gig

Getting your first gig is a nerve wracking and scary time! Some people are struggling to even get that far though! Heres a bunch of advice you can use that will hopefully give you that extra little push you need.

1) Wait until your ready

There is absolutely no sense in looking for a gig if you don’t know your stuff! We all need to practice and if you’ve not practiced enough and take a gig, it could turn into an absolute train wreck. Have a bit of patience and you’ll smash your first performance when it comes.

If you need the practice why don’t you go to a music school or get tutoring? Someone with real life experience can help you out and hopefully, they can provide you good advice that you can apply to your set. Places like Nottinghill Academy of Music can offer you courses that put you in the right path. If you’re an aspiring musician definitely check them out!

2) Make a demo

Record yourself a good demo! Lots of people are recording demos at home these days so the quality of a good professional recording can work wonders for you! Remember you want to demonstrate your talent so really go for it!

3) Ask About

Ask your friends and family if they know anyone who is a promoter or can get you in touch with one. Once you’ve exhausted your network you can start just reaching out and asking promoters/venue managers.

4) Visit them yourself

Sometimes turning up and asking face to face will work 1000 times better. It shows you’re confident and lets them get an idea of who you are and what you’re about. You’ve got more of a chance of getitng a gig if u discuss it face to face. It’ll take a bit of legwork and if you can’t get in touch with the manager right away, chat away to the bartenders and if you can hit it off with them they might put a good word in for you. If you chat for a bit and get a good conversation flowing, you’ll get a sense of what they’re looking for.

5) Do some research

Get on your Pc and check out the websites for each venue. See what there guidelines are and figure out if its a good fit for your venue. Do they provide a PA? whats the capacity, can you do what they’re looking for you!


Heres a couple of tips for chatting to agents:

  1. Address them by their name or something like “to whom it may concern”
  2. Introduce yourself properly, don’t drain them telling them all about your life. A quick snippet that tells them who you are is perfect.
  3. Provide a link if you’re messaging them. Show them your videos, photos etc
  4. Make it personal!  – tell them if you really like the venue


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