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The Biggest Concerts That (Almost) Happened

Everyone has that one, illusive dream gig that will just never happen. Maybe its because the act you want to see has passed on. Maybe its because the band are still in a childish tiff with each other that’s been going on way too long. Or maybe its because the gig is just so bloody dear.

Let me tell you about some of the biggest concerts of all time that almost happened.

Concert 1: The Smiths Reunion

While he’s not too busy making sure the venues he plays in don’t sell meat, Morrissey is on a never ending mission to dodge the quesiton of when (if ever) The Smiths will give the world what has sorely been missing; a full on reunion with Marr in tow. And while for many people it’s nothing but a pipe dream there was a really close chance of it happening back in 2008.

In an interview with The Guardian last year, guitarist and all round nice bloke Johnny Marr said that the band out of the blue met up in a pub one day for a chat and were ever so close. AS he says:

Suddenly we were talking about the possibility of the band re-forming, and in that moment it seemed that with the right intention it could actually be done and might even be great.

…Morrissey and I continued our dialogue and planned to meet up again. I went to Mexico with the Cribs, and then suddenly there was radio silence. Our communication ended, and things went back to how they were and how I expect they always will be.

Here’s hoping one of them figure out how to use a radio some time soon.

Concert 2: (half of) The Beatles

Many people don’t know that after The Beatles essentially broke up, there were a few years where lawyers fought over who got what and which way all the money was split. You might know that Michael Jackson famously was able to buy the back catalogue (and annoy the hell out of Paul McCartney in the process) in the 80s, but The Fabulous 4 themselves didn’t really hang about much after their split.

Because Macca is seen as one of the friendliest people in the world, he popped in to say hello to his friend John in New York while en route from London to New Orelans, where he would be recording with Wings. Now if you don’t know Wings, watch this:

Now while meeting up with John, Paul asked if he wanted his old pal to come along and hang about a bit in the home of Jazz. John was more than up for it as he never had the chance to actually jaunt about New Orleans when the band was touring. They both agreed it’d be good to spend time together again, and maybe even play a little if they felt like it.

John and then girlfriend May Pang were all packed and ready to go, until John’s estranged wife Yoko Ono rang him up and said she wanted him over to hers to:

 pay her a visit at their apartment at The Dakota in New York. It was something about a cure for his nicotine addiction. He agreed to stop by for what he assured Pang would be a short visit, a few hours at most.

What happened next is cloudy, but here’s the gist: Lennon would return to Ono and The Dakota, and he would stay there

-Taken from this article on

Poor Paul never got the chance to have a little reunion, but at least we got WINGS!

Concert 3: The Misfits

Many people don’t realise how much puck band The Misfits had an impact on rock music today. The four piece from New Jersey were brash, had extremely visual lyrics (just listen to Jackie) and were some of the hardest rockers going for 2 decades, refusing to change with the times when the likes of Motley Crue tried to chime in with glam metal.

The band had a very acrimonious split in the early 80’s when singer Danzig left the band and fought with the other original members over the name and royalties. For decades they’d avoid each other while bands like Metallica would open them to new audiences with covers of songs like Last Caress:

Every few years it would seem like an inkling of a reunion would be on the horizon, with the rumour growing strongest in 2014 when legal documents surfaced that the band would settle all their differences not by going to court, but by having one big old reunion. Punk fans around the world almost rejoiced, until…

They only went and bloody did in last year surprising fans with a full on mini-tour as part of Riot Fest. They became the HOTTEST tickets in town for rock fans who scrambled to get them as soon as the surprise gig was announced.

Of course when you’re walking up first thing in the morning, card in one hand and coffee in the other, you’ll want to get the best tickets possible for your dream gig. The only way to make sure it works perfectly?

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